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MoA takes time-tested principles from traditional finance and optimizes them for crypto assets investors.

Minimize losses

Did you know that with a loss of 50%, one needs a gain of 100% to recover? In other words, if you lose half your money, you need to double what you have left to get back to even?
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Build stable porfolios

A stable portfolio is well-diversified. Assets are allocated across various financial instruments that they react differently to the same event. It’s a proven technique to minimize risk and maximize returns in unpredictable markets. Click to read more about stable portfolios.

Follow the market trend

Following the market trend, better known as passive investing, imitates market performance by building a diversified portfolio. Data shows that it generally outperforms active investing due to sub-optimal active strategies and their higher trading fees. Click to find more about passive investment.

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The MoA Investment Solutions

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Minimize losses

With a loss of 30%, you need a gain of about 43% to break even. With a loss of 40%, you need a gain of about 67% to recover. With a loss of 50%, you need a gain of 100% to recover. (That’s right- if you lose half your money you need to double what you have left to get back to even.)


Build a stable portfolio

Diversification is a technique that minimizes risk by distributing your assets across various industries, financial instruments, and investment categories. It aims to maximize returns while minimizing fluctuations in the returns by investing in different areas that react differently to the same event.

Let’s say you have a portfolio of only tourism-related stocks. If it is announced that a sudden social issue negatively affected the security of the country and all scheduled tours are canceled, share prices will drop. That means your portfolio will experience a significant drop in value.

Source: Callan Periodic Table of Investment Returns

Follow the trend

The goal of passive investing is to match the performance of certain markets rather than trying to outperform them. Without assessing the value of any specific investment, passive investors simply seek to have all the assets in a given market index, in the proportion they are held in the index. On the other hand, the goal of active investing is to beat the market by outperforming the index. Active investing generally costs more in terms of management as you pay more for research analysts and fees for frequent trading. As such, many active investments typically fail to outperform passive investment after counting these additional costs.


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